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Who will be the new voice of Gibson Park?

With Rocker Bob Sheeley switching off the microphone at the end of last season after 25 years there leaves a dying question to who will be the new voice of Gibson Park?

Rocker Bob Sheeley “The voice of Gibson Park” retired after 25 years on the microphone

For years there has been a rumour floating around the hallowed ground that Vice President Darryl Crosland has his eyes firmly set on “Rocker Bob’s” chair and microphone, but is he up to the task or could he be set to take it over with his partner in crime Keith Cole, would the club have enough money to continually replace the spit ridden microphones after big Keith had finished announcements each game.

There has also been a whisper that Ty “Thirroul Thrasher” McCarthy is coming out of retirement this year but is it too play or is he the next in line for for the coveted job of Butchers ground announcer, only time will tell.

Will one of the Butchers Old Boys tear themselves away from Old Boys hill on game days to suit up for the vacant position. Glenn “Cheetch” Sellers or Jas Byrne are two people that come to mind

Could we see the first ever female step into the roll after 107 years of the clubs existence maybe Nicole Ruttledge or  Sharne Ferraro want to put their hand up for the job.

Are there others out there with ambitions to take on the esteemed position within the Butchers fraternity 

So many questions and not many answers.

Brett Jones and his committee have their hands full to find a replacement for the legendary Rocker Bob Sheeley


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