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Rest up, Sabo old mate

Mark Joseph Brabin
(25/01/64 -29/12/19)
Thirroul Butchers JRLFC 1971-1983
Thirroul Butchers RLFC 1984-1989
Sabo as he was affectionately know started as a second rower with the Butchers and St Micheals in the early 70’s
He went into grade as a winger and terrorised the opposing outside backs with his up and under the ribs shoulder charge which made him a crowd favourite and earned him the nickname of “The Widow Maker”
His exploits are still spoken about today by all that the old Butchers crew and I’d suppose a few of the opposing players that still remember those ribs getting folded.
Another Thirroul boy gone to soon
RIP Sabo
Funeral and memorial arrangements will be posted ASAP
Story by Keith Cole
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