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Pett’s Preview -Top of the table clash

Top of the table clash

After putting a cricket score on local rivals Helensburgh in the “Northern Derby” the Buchers now turn their attention to what will be there biggest test in season 2019.

Last year’s GF re-match against Red scum……

The butchers have been low flying this season and this mouth-watering clash sees both undefeated sides in 2019 go head to head at Gibbo Park

Wests only just in front with the club championships  will be looking to hold onto that but a big showing by the Butchers will allow them to take the mantle at this point in the competition, if that’s not enough motivation to win in all 3 grades I don’t know what is.

The battle up front will be first class between both these forward packs and the speed that both backlines possess will be one to watch.

For the butchers to continue this great run of form they will need a huge crowd supporting them this Saturday, so grab your stubbie cooler pay your money at the gate and sit back on the hill and watch what will be a great game of footy.

I tend to feel this will go down to the wire with less than 20 points scored in total and the Butchers winning by 2.


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