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Oldboys beat Current Players in controversial one day cricket match

Last Saturday the 2015 Butchers playing squad took on the almighty Butchers Oldboys in the annual family cricket day at Gibson Park.

In a controversial ending, the Oldboys somehow came out winners on a day of great laughs, awful fielding, dodgy scoring and a huge strike rate of beer and pies.

Ty McCarthy had been screaming from the rooftops how he should be the Butchers captain this year so new coach Luke Swain gave McCarthy a taste and gave him the reins for the day. McCarthy showed what most expected, failing to even finish the days play before leaving the ground, ill discipline on the field and whispers of match fixing with the Oldboys.

The players started the day well with Captain/Coach Swain sending down some heat with his first over, the fiery red head took exception to being hit over the boundary and sent a few short ones down to show who was boss.

Mitchell “Rivers” Mclean showed form with bat, smashing several fours and sixes, despite taking the field with only one pad and no shoes.

For the Oldboys there were many standouts. Butchy Banks turned back the clock with some classy shots. Brett “Arjuna Ranatunga” Jones looked for the boundary every ball to avoid running singles while the Air brothers Paul and Glen were sharp with Bat and Ball. Daryl Crosland batted well and sledged heavily from the field.

Young players Logan Cole and Hayden Crosland were poached to even the numbers, both players threatened heavily by their fathers with beatings if they didn’t perform, the boys played well and avoided the scorn of the Oldboys

Six of the day went to Aaron Cooper who hit Swain up into the  tennis courts. Catch of the day was a screamer in slips by Trent Waterhouse

The Young Butchers made the mistake of allowing Keith Cole umpiring duties for most of the match. Cole is set to face the Indian Cricket Board over some woeful decisions, including calling a run out from the Bar which was 100 metres from the pitch, all while eating two pies at once with one hand (the other in a sling).

The day was a great success and is now an annual match that the players look forward to. The Oldboys have been bragging all week and should brace themselves for a fiery rematch

Thanks to all that helped organise the day.


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