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Become a part of us – 2020 sponsorship program

It was decided at the end of last year that the Club required a revamped sponsorship program with a professional approach and genuine attempt to support our sponsors because they are our lifeline, without them we just don’t exist.

A huge thankyou to Karl Boothroyd and Brendan Bate without their expertise and enthusiasm the committee would have really struggled to produce what we think is a very good program and creates a platform for successful partnerships within our community.

A new professional brochure has been developed and distributed by email to players, committee members etc and an e-newsletter to subscribers.

We are a very proud club and realise the importance of our existence within the community to provide a pathway for so many young men and women by exposing them to quality and meaningful life values when playing team sports such as rugby league. 

As you are aware, without the backing of a Leagues Club, we heavily rely on the support of sponsorship.  For the 2020 season we have set strategies in place to firstly gain more sponsors and secondly add genuine value to every sponsor, specifically focusing on and designing a Sponsors Networking Program. ( see more details within the brochure below )

One of the simplest ways to do this is to develop our own marketing assets so they are appealing to business people. The more followers we have and the bigger database we have, makes us very appealing to any business that wants to grow in the Northern Illawarra. Our goal is to become the main business network in this area.

We need everybody’s assistance to make the new sponsorship program a successful and sustainable product.

A copy of our new brochure below is for your review and hopefully gain your ongoing support as we work together to create a successful partnership.


What we need you to do:  

By email to or discussing with Phil Ostwald on 0408 523 556 advise details of any business you have connection to that could be interested. e.g. A Businesses you work for or a subsidiary contract company, supplier of goods and materials, relative or close friend that could be interested in being part of the new Butchers business networking program.


Follow  the Butchers Facebook and Instagram and encourage everyone you know to also follow.




Phil Ostwald


TRLFC sponsorship Brochure


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