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1999 teams 20 year reunions details and Club recognises 2009 team on their own

The club has moved a decision to separate the celebrations of the 1999 teams and the 2009 team. As in a previous post these two teams were to celebrate their achievements on the same day. The club feels the 2009 victorious Reserve grade team should be recognised in its own right and therefore has dedicated this years Butchers Old Boys day to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.  

The 1999 teams reunion will still go ahead as first posted in Round 1 where Thirroul play Collies at Home on Saturday 27/4/2019.

The club would like to invite the 1999 1st & U18’s players, officials and medical staff to gather at the Ryans Hotel at 11am to celebrate 20 years. We hope to have replays of both games. The two teams will then travel over to the ground to watch the grade games at the conclusion of the reunion  

The teams that played that day are:

The First Grade Premiership side was:

1.L. McDonald

 2. L Fowler                                 5. C. Mclean

3. S. Scriberras                          4. Todd Grose

    6. E. Stray

7. P. Air        

8. B. Couchman               9. D. Jones                 10. B. Jones

             11. B. Magurie                       12. B. Eager (C)

   13. A. Beath

17. D. Dalton   18. J. Costello   19. B. Morgan   20. S. Jarvis   21. M. Roodenrys

Coach – P. Ostwald

Manager – I. Jones


The Under 18s Premiership: 1.T. Hart, 2. J. Gunning, 3. B. Morgan, 4. T. Leadbitter, 5. G. Woods, 6. D. Brown, 7. J. Millington, 8. S. Jarvis, 9. J. Storer, 10. B. Kennedy, 11. T. Sewalt, 12. R. Powell, 13. L. Turner, 14. B. Gava, 15. S. Grose, 16. D. Perkiss, 17. L. Scard, 18. J. Jarvis, 19. H. Oliver, 20. S. Johnson, 21. L. Mitchell, 22. B. Leadbitter. Coaches were Paul Sciberras and Rod Henderson. Manager – Ray Millington.

2009 Reserve grade Premiership side: Names to come


1999 1st grade Premiers

Phill Ostwald, Todd Grose, Craig Mclean & Marek Taylor after the 1999
Grand Final victory

Victorious Captain Blake Eager





1999 U18’s Premiership winning team



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