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2019 committee elected

Saturday the 13th of October seen the Thirroul Rugby League Football Club conduct its AGM. Congratulations to those re-elected and those that were elected for the first time.

Executive Committee:

  • President – Paul Air
  • Vice Pres – Daryl Crosland
  • Secretary – Sharne Ferraro
  • Assistant Secretary – Nicole Rutledge
  • Treasurer – Kevin Anderson

The club would like to thank all those committee members, coaches and others who are moving on or taking a break next year for their time and commitment they have put into the club. 

Any one that is interested in helping out the club and some way please don’t be scared to contact us either over one of our social media profiles, the contact form on the website, in person or by phone. All the help is much appreciated and we are always looking for new people to become party of the Butchers family. 

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